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  • Anshan Jiayang Heavy Industry Technology Co. Ltd

    Walking Jia Yang

    we will be dedicated to the leadership in the same trade domestically with our pursuit to be the example for manufacturers with sustainable development We will make growth and innovation as our business strategy core to fit in with the changeable business environment and to keep steady growth and capability in sustainable business, so that we will enjoy a longer and stabler life on our way to development.

    Motivated by technology, management and culture , we are indefatigably striving for the leadership in domestic circle on our way to development The company will be an exemplary enterprise in the manufactuing trade with its true power and unyielding efforts and finally it will be a first class manufacturer domestyically and internationally with itsfirst class talents and equipment,first class technology and management and first class profitability and first class brand We will oriented ourselves with efficiency and achievement to attract clients and expect loyalty from them We will be aware of our social responsibility and perfectly perform our dur duties of corporate citizenship to de a heavyindustry enterpise taking leadership in its trade, a heavy industry enterise highly respected in the society and aheavy industry enterprise felt honored by its employees.

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